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Always Flavored Kids Cooking Class- Vol 1- 6 Week Course

Always Flavored Kids Cooking Class- Vol 1- 6 Week Course

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The Always Flavored Kids Cooking Class is a fun and interactive culinary adventure designed for young aspiring chefs to explore the world of flavors and ingredients. Throughout the six-week program, participants will learn valuable kitchen skills, from basic safety and hygiene practices to more advanced cooking techniques.

Week by week, the class delves into exciting themes, starting with the Introduction to Culinary Adventures. In this opening week, kids will prepare a delightful Fruit Symphony and Naan Pizza Extravaganza, learning how to create a healthy breakfast or after-school snack with a focus on incorporating fruits, vegetables, and minimizing processed food.

As the course progresses, Week 2 emphasizes the importance of sauces and seasonings in enhancing flavors. Through the "What's Cluckin'" lesson, young chefs will discover healthier alternatives to fried chicken, experimenting with various Always Flavored products to create unique sauce and seasoning combinations. The class also covers safe meat handling and cooking techniques.

In Week 3, participants explore Healthy and Nutritious Choices, with a special focus on the Tasty Tortilla Pie lesson. They will not only learn to cook a creative and nutritious dish but also gain insights into draining meat to reduce fat content. Presentation skills for visually appealing foods will also be developed during this week.

Week 4 offers an exciting Farm-to-Table Experience, where students take a virtual field trip to a local farm or farmer's market. Here, they will learn about the journey of ingredients from the farm to the table, gaining a deeper appreciation for supporting local producers. The class will culminate in preparing delicious recipes like Garden Salad with Homemade Dressing, Fajitas with Chicken, Beef, & Veggies, and an Apple Dessert.

Continuing the theme of Healthy and Nutritious Choices in Week 5, the Power Up Omelet lesson focuses on preparing a wholesome breakfast with locally available vegetables. Participants will explore the significance of balanced nutrition in food preparation and create delicious omelet variations, both vegetarian and with meat. The class will also cover the art of boiling eggs and mastering the technique of cracking eggs confidently.

Finally, Week 6 marks the exciting Culinary Showcase and Graduation. Young chefs will demonstrate their newly acquired culinary skills by presenting gourmet sandwiches. The class will celebrate their achievements and acknowledge individual progress, concluding with a special graduation ceremony where participants receive certificates of completion.

The Always Flavored Kids Cooks Class is not just about cooking; it's an enriching and empowering experience that fosters a love for nutritious and creative culinary choices while instilling essential life skills that will stay with the children as they grow.

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