Great Food & Great Family: Celebrating Togetherness with Deliciousness!

Great Food & Great Family: Celebrating Togetherness with Deliciousness!

Some of the best memories are made in the kitchen with family and friends. Whether you’re cooking up everyday fare or preparing a special meal, sharing tasty food with the people you love can be one of the most memorable things you do during your time on this earth. Whether it’s a large potluck or a simple three-course dinner, here are some tips to help make family time and food time unforgettable.  

Good Times When you’re tight on time and money but want to have a memorable meal, try setting out to make something special as a family. Even if it doesn’t turn out exactly how you had imagined, spending quality time together while creating a feast is sure to bring everyone closer—and give them something to brag about when their friends ask where they had dinner. In fact, these types of meals are often better than restaurant fare; at home, you can create your own spice blends or add an extra squeeze of lemon juice for just that perfect bite. Plus, there’s nothing like enjoying a nice glass of wine (or two) with loved ones in your own kitchen! And after all that hard work in preparing such a delicious meal? You might even get dessert for free! But if not...well...that’s okay too! ?

Get Creative As a family, get creative and show your love for one another. Cook delicious meals and share them together; it’s a great way to bond as a family and give thanks for each other’s company. And don’t forget about dad—he works hard every day, so make sure he gets his fair share of food! Plus, it doesn’t have to be anything too fancy—get together over some burgers or hot dogs and you can count that as quality time spent together. Your father will appreciate all of your efforts no matter what you do! With Father's Day just around the corner, what better time is there than now to spend some quality time with loved ones?

Treats to Share Nothing says love quite like a good food spread. The simplest and perhaps most effective way to show your loved ones that you care is by preparing some of their favorite treats or meals. Make something they know you wouldn’t normally make and spoil them with a special treat. It doesn’t even have to be anything major! Even making coffee for someone else can give them a taste of something new and exciting. Love isn’t just about gifts and money—it comes in many forms. A great way to tell people you care about them is through nourishing food—and what better time than Father’s Day? Show your dad how much he means to you by surprising him with his favorite meal.

Simplicity over Quantity Sometimes we get so bogged down in following recipes that we forget to actually enjoy our food. With these healthy recipes, you’ll spend less time cooking and more time sharing great food with family. These recipes are quick and delicious; sure to be hits at your next BBQ! Our BBQ Pork Burger recipe is not difficult to make and is as tasty as any burger you’ll ever have! You can find our step-by-step instructions for making an awesome BBQ pork burger here . For dessert, try out our Strawberry Mousse Cake . The kids will love it and it’s a great way to kick off Father's Day weekend.

Have Fun! Have fun when you’re spending time with your family! Don’t be afraid to open up and share your thoughts, dreams and fears. It will only bring you closer. If you have a father like mine who loves to barbecue on Father’s Day, invite him over so he can make his famous BBQ Pork Burger for everyone—and share his wisdom while he’s at it. Happy Father’s Day!

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