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This Holiday Spice bundle is the perfect gift for those who love to spice things up! 

Designed for beef and chicken dishes, this bundle includes Balsamic Rub, Smoked Balsamic Sauce, Fire Salt seasoning, and Peri-Peri Sauce. The rub will help create a savory crust on your steak or chicken before cooking it. Add the smoked balsamic sauce during the last few minutes of cooking to enhance flavor without making it too salty or acidic. And finish with a dash of fire salt over your veggies for added zest! The Peri-Peri Sauce will give you a nice balance of heat at the table to round out the meal!

What comes in the Spice Up Your Holiday Dinner Bundle is our Fire salt seasoning, Balsamic Rub, Smoked Balsamic Salt, and Peri-Peri Hot sauce.