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Always Flavored

Ritabeata's Peri-Peri

Ritabeata's Peri-Peri

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Always Flavored brings Portugal straight to your plate. Our Peri-Peri Sauce has a spicy kick of heat mixed with garlic, fresh lemon, and other flavorful ingredients. The African Bird's Eye Chili brings sunshine and warmth into each bite while also giving that signature mouthwatering flavor as it builds on the tongue. Goes perfectly on chicken or fish!

• HEAT LOVERS: For those who live to tingle their taste buds with an extra, zesty kick of heat.
• NO ADDED MSG: Whether on the side or as a base sauce, this is the perfect addition for anyone looking to get an aromatic taste without compromising on quality.

Ritabeata’s Peri-Peri Ritabeata’s Peri-Peri
Ritabeata’s Peri-Peri
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