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Teriyaki Rub

Teriyaki Rub

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This seasoning is perfect for any Asian-inspired dishes. The flavors are bold and rich, with a little bit of heat to make them stand out from the crowd. Add this seasoning to chicken, pork, or beef for an extra burst of flavor!


• We’ve developed this seasoning blend to be the perfect combination of flavors. You will enjoy a bold and tasty burst with every dish!

• Sweet & Tangy- This teriyaki seasoning is a sweet and tangy blend that brings an Asian flair to any meal. With soy sauce, ginger, garlic powder, honey, brown sugar, and other spices it will make your food taste just like you had ordered from your favorite restaurant!

• Flavorful Touch- The versatility of this product allows for use on not only meats but vegetables too! Add a touch to fried rice or noodles – the possibilities are endless.
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